The latest in universal centrifugal clutch design.

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The Mode Change Clutch
  Better, Cooler, More Sensitive.
Patent #5560465

When Hugh Zindler sat down to reduce his thoughts to paper and begin the process of designing a universal centrifugal clutch, he addressed the existing problems. The largest of which was how to get a mechanical device to change from low torque to high torque at a pre-determined RPM and therefore to become truly a Universal Centrifugal Clutch. That effort has become the Mode Change Clutch.

The Mode Change Clutch features the best aspects of a low-torque, a straight-centrifugal, and high torque clutch and is truly a Universal Centrifugal Clutch, which moves out concentrically and engages simultaneously. By universal centrifugal clutch we mean it is a high torque centrifugal clutch as well as a low torque centrifugal clutch, and has an increase of clutch capacity at a pre-determined RPM in low torque to high torque in the range of 500%.

The Mode Change Clutch starts in a low torque mode (high slippage) and then at a pre-set RPM it changes to a high torque mode (very little or no slippage) and for all practical purposes locks up and becomes a direct drive (no slippage). The main benefit is it picks up the inertia (load) in low torques and by shifting to high torque it locks up (no slippage) and prevents heating (no fading), better performance and much longer life.

The Mode Change Clutch is not only a universal centrifugal clutch, it has interlocking shoes which forces them to move out concentrically and engage simultaneously with a full shoe engagement (less lining wear) also as a result of the interlocking shoes, there was created a housing for compression springs (capable of millions of cycles) as a result much longer life than standard springs. LICENSE AVAILABLE.